About the Tea Meditations

All pathways to cultivating our latent potential begin in the relationship between the visible and the invisible. This includes the energetic support we can receive from plants.

They not only provide our oxygen, our food and our medicine, beyond that certain plants including the Tea Plant, are renowned for helping support shifts in our consciousness, deepening access to our inner world.

The unique ingredients within the tea leaves, most notably the unique amino acid L-Theanine, positively affect our brain chemistry and align the functioning of both brain hemispheres, creating a gateway where we can connect into the core of our being beyond the physical, at a more subtle energetic level and natural intelligence can be shared within this energetic space.

The Earth is truly a source of gifts, not ‘commodities’ and when we commune consciously with what we consume, we interact with its spirit, its energy. In that honouring we regain our respect for the magic and sacredness of the living world, shifting back into our right-relationship and place within it, becoming healthy and whole once more.

The 6 different teas have their own unique energy or spirit and each provides the right nourishment in the spaces created by clear intention to uncover, change or remember who we are under all the cultural conditioning. They are like keys that unlock different parts of us, helping bring in something new to our awareness from outside of our current experience or helping us better organise parts of ourselves we are already aware of, deepening our ability to navigate what we already know, so as to integrate it well and orientate to flow better in the world.

It is believed there are hidden ‘alarm clocks’ built into the fabric of our reality, things to wake us up to knowledge we have forgotten, at the time in our history when we most need it. Working with these teas from a place of reverence invokes the perfect guide and ally for our current times.