Ensuring quality

We only import the highest quality whole leaf tea. To be still in its whole leaf form, the teas have to be handpicked, which already ensures their quality and then all our teas are handcrafted to create the beautiful variety of shapes they offer. In choosing to buy only hand picked and crafted teas we rule out mass production and thus the mainstream use of pesticides.

All our Chinese teas are produced in the traditional ways and would be classed as 'Chinese organic' as they are not certified but pesticides would not be used unless essential, especially as these high quality teas have always been used as a health tonic in China. Our supplier has to carry out pesticide checks every year on all the teas to prove they are safe for consumption. 

We 'energy test' every tea we import (a more esoteric approach that measures the vibrational energy resonance of the leaves) to check they arrive in their purest form.

We are very comfortable with the quality and purity of our teas but can't offer more concrete pesticide information, we can only really share the considerations we make when choosing the teas we import.