Our Story

Living in London in 2000, Anne and I started drinking herbal and green tea bags as part of our 'healthy' lifestyle. They were fine but not really that much fun to be honest.

It wasn’t until fate took Anne to China in 2006 that we found what we didn’t know we’d been missing. Like a lot of people, we thought the only types of Chinese teas were a bitter green tea and a really smokey one.

How wrong we were!

Inspired and excited, when Anne came home we opened a lovely tea bar in Bristol to share these discoveries. Although we championed these teas in a beautiful environment and won many fans, we had overlooked one very important thing - in the UK people like to drink coffee when they are out! After about 7 years we closed the tea bar and got back to what we really felt called to do.

Without the pressure of a physical shop, we were freed up to take the teas to hundreds of wellbeing/holistic health events where we met many gifted healers and teachers, who, like messengers sent by the tea spirits, guided us to cultivate a deeper relationship with the teas and begin to know them at a different level.

Today after a long journey, we still offer the very same teas we first fell in love with, buying in small batches directly from the very same farmers. We have created ‘The Tea Ching’ as an immersive day of sharing our knowledge and exploring how these teas can help us regain our health, sanity and compassion for ourselves, each other and the natural world.

Come and join us for a cup of tea!

Anne and Ric X


Teas: I start the day with Green tea, Black in the afternoon and sleep blend at night. Always White when I am driving!

Guilty pleasures: Whisky, old TV murder mysteries, pub on a Sunday.

Wellness practices: swimming, yoga, walking in nature, lower world journeying.

Favourite teacher: Paul Francis, Dr Andrew Weil.

Favourite books: Prodigal Summer, His Dark Materials, A Million Little Pieces.

What the tea means to me: a great friend who always has my best interests at heart.

Teas: Oolong in the morning/day and Pu’erh in the evening. The Blend when I feel like having a 'normal tea'.

Wellness practices: Tai Chi, Meditation, lucid dreaming, time spent in nature.

Guilty pleasures: Red wine, YouTube conspiracy rabbit holes.

Favourite teachers: Byron Katie, Bashar.

Favourite youtube/podcast: Mindsmash, Higherside Chats, Veritas.

What the tea means to me: The very best form of hydration, tastes nice, easy to drink and you know it's doing you all kinds of good both mentally and physically.



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