About Us

We opened ATTIC (All The Tea In China) back in 2006 as a tea shop and cafe, initially just wanting to share this amazing array of loose-leaf teas we’d discovered on a trip to China. Right from the start it had a strong health leaning as even back then, people knew green tea was healthy and coffee indulgent and the more we expanded on the healthy aspects, bringing in other practitioners to share knowledge and experiences with our customers, the more incongruent the cafe part felt. As the years have progressed, we closed the cafe and took to the road and health and wellbeing events all over the country and recently have become an online business. 

Our exploration has always had 2 seemingly separate paths running through it- tea as an amazing health tonic and tea as a sentient guiding energy (known as plant spirit medicine). So to bring these 2 threads together we created our own unique holistic approach to help people find the most suitable teas, not only for their constitution, but also their emotional needs and as a medicine for the soul. This is what ATTIC now offers and we hope as you develop your own relationship with these teas, you will find it as fascinating as we do.

We are still based in Bristol, sending lovingly packaged boxes of tea out everyday!