"I nourish the body, soothe the mind and excite the spirit". Tea Plant

The perfect tea for our times

'All The Tea In China' is a unique tea blend created by us to represent all that is great about drinking these amazing teas. Containing a heady mix of all 5 tea types - White, Green, Oolong, Black and Pu’erh, it is packed full of healthful nutrients with the added benefit of having the rich and familiar taste we expect from tea.


"Attic tea is an essential part of my stability and balance in daily life. I have found it very comforting and supportive during some extremely challenges times."

Andrea J, Swindon 💚

"I'm very conscious that it's a product of nature whose benefits to body and soul have been known for thousands of years and I'm genuinely grateful for ATTIC's passion and expertise in enabling tea to become such an important part of my day".

Steve W, Bristol 💚

 I’ve tried many many loose-leaf teas and I’ve never found another green tea so sweet and mellow and without a trace of bitterness, nor a white tea with so much character. Even the scent of the tea leaves in the packet is scrumptious.

TN, Northants 💚

"I discovered the Attic Tea cafe as a fatigued new mum many years ago. Since then I have been drinking their delicious, therapeutic teas most days, all day. The benefits of tea-drinking are endless, both for body & mind". 

Marie W, Bristol 💚


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