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"The perfect cup of tea"

This Sleep Tea is so calming and such a pleasure to end the day on that it should be served at the United Nations and to all leaders of the world. I would think it is the perfect cure for insomniacs too, along with an audiobook or several. Thank you for such a wonderful concoction.

Keely Beresford

"ATTIC Tea is more than refreshment, a detox or a health kick. By drinking this powerful plant as regularly and instinctively as we breathe, it calms the mind, shields our cells, prevents dis-ease and keeps us on the right side of the balance of life”

Mags Johonnett

Love the citrus like smell of this tea, and no bitter aftertaste of shop bought green tea. Another one on the re-order list.


I bought a tea pot and a pack and I love this it's so yummy and I have been drinking it all afternoon. It really tastes healthy and obviously contains something very special as it's very moorish. Thanks :) x

Rowena Hicks

This tea is amazeballs! Super gingery spice coming through, really good pick me up! Pretty much substituted my coffee with this!

Daisy B