An ATTIC is not only the top room of a house but also a clever acronym for 'All the Tea In China' and as an independant importer of Chinese tea the name seemed pretty appropriate! Tea’s true value is in the incredible holistic support it can offer us every day, nourishing our physical body, calming our mind and helping us access our inner world as a medicine for the soul.

Holistic guide to choosing your tea

Why drink ATTIC Teas


When looking to bring a truly sacred moment into your day, you can pick a card from this deck of 54 cards. Each card contains wisdom from one of the 6 teas and is a perfect way for your soul to reveal which tea spirit guidance it most needs.

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Our tea story


"Attic teas are an essential part of my stability and balance in daily life. I have found them very comforting and supportive during some extremely challenges times."

Andrea J, Swindon 💚

"I'm very conscious that it's a product of nature whose benefits to body and soul have been known for thousands of years and I'm genuinely grateful for ATTIC Tea's passion and expertise in enabling tea to become such an important part of my day".

Steve W, Bristol 💚

"I’ve tried many many loose-leaf teas and I’ve never found another green tea so sweet and mellow and without a trace of bitterness, nor a white tea with so much character. Even the scent of the tea leaves in the packet is scrumptious".

TN, Northants 💚

"I discovered the Attic Teas as a fatigued new mum many years ago. Since then I have been drinking their delicious, therapeutic teas most days, all day. The benefits of tea-drinking are endless, both for body & mind". 

Marie W, Bristol 💚

"I have been buying the wonderful digestion tea for many years and it’s utterly delicious. The service from Attic Teas is faultless and the handwritten card that comes with every delivery is a lovely personal touch. Cannot recommend enough".

James B 💚


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