"Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world"

Why chinese tea?

"Attic tea is an essential part of my stability and balance in daily life. I have found it very comforting and supportive during some extremely challenges times."

Andrea J 💛

"I heartily recommend it and drink it several times throughout my day - every day! I adore it and find it a great source of nourishment and pleasure on this journey of life."

Also Andrea J! ❤️

"I'm very conscious that it's a product of nature whose benefits to body and soul have been known for thousands of years and I'm genuinely grateful for ATTIC's passion and expertise in enabling tea to become such an important part of my day".

Steve W 💚

Tea as a health tonic 

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Our Story

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The Tea'Ching

Open to all professional holistic practitioners, the Tea’Ching programme is in-depth look at this sacred plant and initiates you into experiencing its power and ways you can share it. A perfect compliment to any healing modality or self-development practice.

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