Tea Maker Cleaning

Because ATTIC Teas are whole leaf, they don’t really stain the tea maker so most people will just rinse it out each night ready for re-use the next day.

But every so often you might want to clean it properly. The filter is removable and tends to be the bit that tends to get clogged with small bits of tea or stained, so I sometimes soak that separately in bicarb of soda or Milton solution overnight to bring it back to its former glory!

Once the filter is removed, you might wash out the tea maker with washing up liquid or pop it into the dishwasher. I always then rinse through to remove any soap left trapped in the base.

The whole maker can come apart if you find it is leaking or want to clean it thoroughly.

…but you must ensure the rubber seal is in place so feel free to call us if you want us to guide you through the reassemble!

We hope your maker gives you years of great service and please contact us with any further questions.