Bristol Tea Events


Welcome to our 'Tea &' events page where we offer wonderful experiences that lean on the historical relationship between tea and other holistic practices.

Anne will be hosting the tea tasting events, introducing the teas as a holistic system supporting mind, body and spirit. You will find the right teas for your needs and learn how to use them as a daily practice to centre, calm and support you.

Ric will be introducing you to the concept of 'chi'. The mysterious energy that supports all life. Offering simple exercises in how to feel chi moving in and around your body.  

Yoga teacher, massage therapist and sound healer, Adele Sevanche, has lived all over the world discovering many holistic practices. It was the Sound Healing she was introduced to in Mexico and the healing power of the frequencies and the magic behind it that stole her heart and that she shares with us in our tea & sound events.

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Price £10 per person