Tea Circle Training

If you are a holistic practitioner, you are invited to join our Tea'ching programme and growing online practitioner community. I offer a half-day introduction, where we drink the teas together, explore the different facets of their energy and look at ways to incorporate tea into your existing work, supporting your clients on their healing journey.

I also share how to create a tea circle and for those new to circle work, there is access to all the resources needed to get started (meditations, crystal grids, breathing techniques, tea oracle cards) although most of our communitea already have their own work set up and are learning about the tea to add a special extra welcoming layer to this, which is so amazing as it means everyone is creating unique spaces.

What is a Tea Circle? A Tea Circle is a group space created to offer a comfortable, accessible and sacred environment for sharing guided experiences. Tea circles obviously have tea drinking at their heart, harnessing the more contemplative and centring effects of the tea and using a particular tea to create the context for the work you are sharing. Ideal for a class, retreat or workshop setting, it is a wonderful way to create the ‘container’ in which to engage group work and the power that comes from it.

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