Join our Communitea: Tea Circle Training

Free Tea Circle Training

An invitation to all holistic practitioners who engage in group or circle work to come and explore the sacred energies of our 5 teas and experience the power and potential they provide in supporting the spaces you wish to create. A half day, available in person or online. The training also offers you access to our growing online Communitea

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Testimonials for the training:

“The training was so enjoyable. I was given clear and concise information that I now use when I incorporate a tea circle into my workshops. I have the Tea'ching manual that I refer to, this refreshes my knowledge, and Anne is always happy to help if I have any questions that need answering. Also I think training should inspire and the guided meditation that Anne took me through demonstrated the power and sacredness of the tea and the anchor it provides during transformational work”

“Anne has such a wonderful way of teaching and helping us to explore the teas. Her dedication to the teas really shines through and you can’t help but be inspired by her teachings” 

Testimonials for the Communitea:

"The Communitea is a grounded and open-hearted place. It's a gathering of talented people with different skills. We happily join forces, with the tea as an anchor, and work together to be of some good in this world. It's also a space where we get to know one another personally as we take our own individual sacred journey."

"This is a wonderful network of people with so many different talents and gifts. It’s a real joy to be part of this group. Thanks Anne for having the foresight to bring this into our lives ".  

"What a rich experience of tea, connection and sharing - of skills, life and wisdom. Beautifully held by Anne - it was wonderful to see how the chosen tea permeated our chats - growing the intimacy and productivity between us all. So grateful for the contacts made, support received and excitement for future ripples out into communities! SO much potential for growth both within the circle and without - thank you!" .

What an insightful morning tuning into the health and spiritual properties of tea with the best guide. I can’t wait to share my new knowledge with my clients”.

"Communitea is a place of friendship, understanding and inspiration. I always leave our gatherings feeling motivated and uplifted!"

I love being part of the Communitea. It’s so lovely to connect with like minded individuals and share our experiences of working with the tea. I always come away full of ideas and inspiration”.