All The Tea in China Meditations

'All The Tea In China' helps us tap into all the different parts of ourselves so they can be felt and heard. Its energy is very complete, aligning us as we drink it, bringing all 5 elemental energies within us into balance- earth, fire, water, wood and metal.

'All The Tea In China''s animal spirit is a Panda. With its black and white fur representing yin and yang, panda reminds us of the importance of balance between being passive and active, being and doing. The perfect blending of a sweet and gentle nature and incredible strength, panda helps us reconnect to the wonder and harmony of finding our equilibrium and reminds us that we are fluid and transitional, not stuck in one fixed state of being.

So as you drink the tea, connect to that feeling of being centred and aligned and allow the spirit of all 5 teas to join and guide you on your chosen journey….