Jane's Story

JANE ALEXANDER - Interfaith Minister & Spiritual Facilitator


My spiritual life is a creative one. I love words, sound, and a little altar magic. I love to weave new meditations, workshops, retreats and courses. Partly, if I am honest, because I am really curious and get fascinated easily but mainly because there is something in the creative process that offers a gateway to alive spiritual connection. The beginnings and endings of projects and retreats offer me a way to stay intimate with the central cycles of return and rebirth that shape life. 

I am passionate about creating spaces where people can sit in circle together to support each other and anchor their spiritual practice in community, even if its just for a day. Its my greatest privilege to witness another’s journey and to walk alongside for a little while to support their transformation and growth. I am usually studying something new and I am really committed to my own journey of awakening. I see my self-work as critical to my ability to allow space for others. 

My apprenticeship with Spirit began in my teens. Without really knowing what I was doing, I sought understanding of both my experiences & inner landscape. Initially, I turned to stories & philosophy, as that was what was available to me at the time. This exploration of selfhood soon evolved into a deeper hunt that was to define my life. 

I am drawn to all forms of Wisdom traditions from many cultures and faith paths. I have a special affinity for spiritual practices from indigenous traditions and those that draw me deeply into the mysteries of the natural world. I like practices that bring me into presence and empower me to stay with the ordinary experiences that make me human. I have learned so much from Buddhism and from Christianity and I am currently exploring the yogic path in greater detail. What began as a driving curiosity has matured into a faith path of my own that shapes my life in ever changing and ever surprising ways. 

One of my favourite spiritual teachers, Adyashanti, describes a lineage of Truth that runs through all times, and all cultures, expressed by many different people in many different ways. This has come to resonate deeply with me so if you were to ask me what I believed then I would speak of this sense I have of a One True Spirit at the heart of life, that takes as many forms as there are. 

Following a two year training, I became ordained as an OneSpirit Interfaith Minister in July 2021 which has allowed me to step more deeply into my work as a facilitator of spiritual connection. I find the ‘Rev’ title strangely helpful as it reminds me that at the core of my personal practice is my attempt to hold all life (even the difficult stuff) in reverence as a manifestation of Spirit.

I was lucky enough to meet Anne & Ric not long after I had made the leap from my old professional life as a teacher, onto my current path of serving Spirit at work. I felt an immediate connection with them and with their amazing teas. I am drawn to the wisdom of all plant teachers and the wisdom of the Tea has been a powerful guide and protector. This is entirely thanks to Anne & Ric and the purity and integrity of Attic teas. Without the energetic clarity of Attic – I might have overlooked the magic available to me in my everyday brew. I am a green tea girl but I’m also really partial to pu’erh as I find it really supportive of deep inner awareness.