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 ‘We are all light, we are all one, we are all a dance of light and as we dance, we change and grow and evolve and ascend. But first there is the dance…. So come dance with me’ T.Plant

On one level tea helps heal the everyday niggles such as poor digestion, disturbed sleep and erratic energy levels but more importantly, tea can help us reach that level of health where we truly thrive, a fact well-known and harnessed in the East for Millennia.

In China, they call this state of aliveness 'Yuan Chi', loosely translated as 'youthful vigor'. But how can the humble tea plant help us reach our true potential?

I will briefly mention at this point the work of Dr. David Hawkins, as it has been key to putting this idea into some context. Based on the underlying idea that everything is a vibrating energy system, it is commonly understood that the higher the energy frequency expressed, the higher the power within.

In brief, his research established a guide to the different levels of human consciousness based on a calibrated scale of 1-1000, mapping our resonant frequencies to our state of being. i.e. how our emotional state changes the frequency we resonate at. When we resonate below 200, our primal emotions still rule- shame, pride, apathy, grief. But as we raise our resonant frequency through the scale, we start to experience courage, acceptance, reason, joy, peace until we reach above 700 and then we experience 'enlightenment'.

When we measure the resonant frequency of the 5 Chinese teas we offer, they hit the scale at around 980, they are, in effect, true enlightenment energy in a cup.

And this is where things get interesting, in 'TEAVOLUTION': How can we use its wisdom to activate our true potential?

To begin to answer this question, we take a sideways step and briefly look at plants that can affect our neural networks.

Psychoactive plants are defined as those that induce psychtropic effects, that is, affect mental ability, behaviour, perception and mood. Tea can do this because it has a totally unique combination of caffeine, antioxidants and L-theanine contained within its leaves. Their synergistic effect raises the levels of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, hence affecting brain functioning.

By altering our consciousness, even only slightly, there is a gateway created for a different type of communication, interpreted away from usual conscious human thought. Here, we harness the power of quiet, of intention and reverence.

We work with the amazing energetics practitioner, Jane Alexander, who has created guided meditations and our sacred tea meldings to help us access and learn from the tea plant’s teaching, channelled directly from the tea plants themselves.

Until fairly recently in human history we were able to connect with the healing and wise teachings of plants, just by living in harmony around them. The meditations and Meldings act as a bridge to help us re-access and re-activate that more transformative power of the tea plant, making that relationship more sacred again.

It is our desire to change the way you relate to the humble tea plant, by highlighting its incredible hidden ability to help us reach our true potential, as individuals and as a culture. It is what is at the heart of ATTIC Teas. We hope you enjoy the journey.