Ric's Story

My personal journey started in Oxford in 1997 aged 20 when I began learning Kung Fu. It relied a lot on developing physical strength and conditioning to make the body healthy and powerful. One day the teacher said there is another way, a softer way that used special exercises called ‘chi gung’. By that time I had enough of bruised arms and press upon on my knuckles so immediately find a teacher who could tell me everything I wanted to know about these mysterious practices.

The Universe was on my side and it just so happened that a highly skilled practitioner of chi gung who had just returned from travelling the lesser known parts of china in search of great teachers was living nearby. He showed me 2 ways of developing this mysterious power (chi gung means energy for/cultivation).

To further add to the mystery, one involved standing still and the other involved walking in a circle.    

I felt like I was developing secret superpowers. I wasn’t growing muscle but still I was getting much stronger. I tested it one day by going to the gym with my friend who was a 6’3 rugby player, and lifting the same weight with much less effort  I still remember the look on his face.

I feel the exact same way about the tea. I feel like I have better health than other people with healthier lifestyles even. There is an intangible quality that it brings to my body and mind. The possible explanation for this was confirmed when our friend Andrew Kempleton muscle tested the teas and found that they were one of the highest energy vibrational quality (ie containing more ‘chi’) than anything else you could consume.