Choosing a tea


If you think of the different teas and your palate like tuning forks, you are seeking the best resonance between them. Beyond it being agreeable to pick a tea that you actually enjoy drinking, the reason we use taste as a great guide is that when you drink a tea with some awareness, it is possible to experience its effects on every level of your being BUT the physical (taste and smell) and the emotional (do you like it/ how does it make you feel) are the ones that give you the most easy access to your inner self. This is why as a first step we encourage people to try ALL the teas before choosing the one(s) they want to drink regularly. 


White tea will help rebalance you if you are feeling self-critical, overwhelmed, finding it hard to ask for help or support, anxious, running on nervous energy, detached.

Oolong tea will help rebalance you if you are feeling you lack motivation, find it hard to stay focused, struggling with others expectations or the responsibilities you feel, want to hide.

Green tea will help rebalance you if you are feeling angry and irritable, impatient with yourself and others, easily triggered, over analytical, frustrated, bossy

Black tea will help rebalance you if you are feeling vulnerable, wounded, easily exhausted, you wear your heart on your sleeve, sulky.

Pu'erh tea will help rebalance you if you are feeling uncared for, taken for granted, keep procrastinating, aren’t taking good care of yourself, give too much to others.


White tea will offer support when working with anxiety, grief, raising your spirits, easing self-criticism, moving on, letting go, inspiration, finding peace, creating healthy boundaries, unburdening.

Oolong tea will offer support when working with stagnancy, fear, lethargy, wanting to hide, feeling lost, clearing the path, bringing balance, breaking conditioning, releasing old trauma, self-acceptance.

Green tea will offer support when working with uncertainty, anger, feeling emotional volatile, forgiveness, empowerment, being more flexible, broadening perspective, managing change, centering.

Black tea will offer support when working with stress, exhaustion, feeling unheard, ancestral healing, emotionally wounded, finding strength, manifesting a new path, rising to a challenge, gratitude.

Pu’erh tea will offer support when working with worry, procrastination, feeling taken for granted, self-nurturing, re-discovering yourself, finding purpose, creativity, release tired beliefs, dream a new dream.