Five element theory

There are actually 5 different types of tea - white, green, oolong, black and pu’erh- and we use the theory of the 5 elements to help set out a way to explore their differences, explain why you will prefer and resonate more with certain teas and share ways to work with the specific energy of a given tea for more transformational work.

Dividing the cosmos into elemental energies can be found at the heart of all ancient cultures and we choose to work with wood, fire, metal, earth and water. Everything in existence can be understood in terms of these distinct energy ‘signatures’, with different ones being more dominant at a given time or in a given situation. These energies also create a natural flow between each other that describes every rhythm in the Universe, whether the cycle of a day, a human lifetime, a creative process or the phases of the moon and any situation can be understood in terms of these 5 energetic aspects including human behaviour, emotions, and health.

From our experience, each tea aligns with one of the elemental energies and when we recognise  imbalances and blocks through our symptoms and behaviour, we can drink tea to help restore the free flow between these elements and thus our health once more.


Metal element- White tea will help rebalance you if you are feeling self-critical, overwhelmed, finding it hard to ask for help or support, anxious, running on nervous energy, detached.

Water element - Oolong tea will help rebalance you if you are feeling you lack motivation, find it hard to stay focused, struggling with others expectations or the responsibilities you feel, want to hide.

Wood element - Green tea will help rebalance you if you are feeling angry and irritable, impatient with yourself and others, easily triggered, over analytical, frustrated, bossy.

Fire element - Black tea will help rebalance you if you are feeling vulnerable, wounded, easily exhausted, you wear your heart on your sleeve, sulky.

Earth element - Pu'erh tea will help rebalance you if you are feeling uncared for, taken for granted, keep procrastinating, aren’t taking good care of yourself, give too much to others.