Tea'cher testimonials

"As a Chi coach, I live and work with the 5 Elements. I discovered that each tea had its own soul & vibration and helped lifting my energy. By drinking the tea I would naturally get in the flow of things and reach a deeper sense of consciousness. I shared my experience with my Feng Shui colleagues and have done the Tea'cher Training twice.  ATTIC Teas are a real gift!"

Akiko Taylor - Chi Coach

"The whole day is spent with Anne sharing her knowledge, her wisdoms and her insights.  You do get to see that the teas bring all this about and they weave their magic into the day. I had such amazing insights and energy shifts of my own, especially during the guided meditation. I've been lifted and lighter ever since. So Yes, I would recommend this to anyone who does soul work, it has to be shared."

Jan Tomlinson - Reflexologist 

"A new world opened regarding tea that I reconnect every time I prepare a cuppa to drink it. I know there’s much more to learn and discover and the tea spirits are there willing to speak more thing about the subtle world that we all belong to." 

Gemma Domenech - Artist

 "For me the tea has worked me to the core. It is my plant medicine.️ Tea'cher Training opened my heart to the whispers of wisdom and mystery of creative life force. It has been a gentle agent for transformation in my daily life, and I now show up as a reflection of all that is possible with the courage to express that force in all that I do."

Tina Symes - Intuitive Life Coach

"I loved the course; I love the dedication to the tea; I loved the tea tasting.  Prior to our session we had been sent all we needed to participate in the course fully.  Everything is beautifully packaged and presented.  The manual/book that comes with the course is well laid out; easy to read and a good reference guide.  Everything about the course was perfect and it didn't matter a bit that we weren't physically together.  I would highly recommend the course to all you tea lovers out there."

Angela's Tai Chi School 

"I loved every minute of my Tea'cher Training.  It is amazing how the drinking of tea connects you to your deeper self and to others.  How something so simple can be so profound.  I am already exploring ways on how I can 'blend' tea rituals into my wellness offerings and yoga practice.  Thank you to Anne and Ric for all your hard work, wisdom and insights."

Sarah Bates 

"We are all light, we are all one, we are all a dance of light and as we dance, we change and grow and evolve and ascend. But first there is the dance…. So come dance with me"

The Tea Plant