Tea Meditations

A few practical things:

  • There is no need for any prior experience as these are gentle guided visualisations, all you need is a quiet space and 10-15 minutes.
  • We recommend you do it in the morning of each day to make the most of the small quantity of caffeine in each tea and begin your day as you mean to go on. The added benefit of an earlier start is you can then go on and refresh the same tea leaves throughout the day, keeping you nicely hydrated.
  • If you have a delicate tummy, eat something first, especially with the green tea as it has such active digestive properties!
  • You might like to have a notebook handy to journal your experiences at the end of each exercise so you can reflect back after the 6 days.
  • The slide below helps to get you settled before each meditation.
  • As well as being 6 stand-alone experiences, together they create a flowing cycle from intention to revelation. So if you enjoy the process, why not try it again when you have time (as there is enough in each pack for 3 pots of tea) but instead of ‘something you are grateful for’, hold in your mind something you want to address or get some clarity around and see if you get some answers.

Finally before you begin remember to enjoy the space and not expect too much. Don’t worry if your mind wanders or you get fidgety or you fall asleep! It is a gentle re-patterning so it can take a while to relax and be comfortable with wherever the moment takes you. 

Keep checking in with your thoughts throughout the day, as moments of realisation don't always show themselves at the allotted time!

Please contact us with any questions or comments. The brewing instructions for each tea are on the back of the tea cards.