Tea Circles

I have always had a fascination with earth wisdom traditions and systems that have helped us make sense of the world. My top 3 being animism, Chinese 5-element theory and alchemy. Coupled with my interest in natural healthcare, it is no surprise that my work has ended up bringing this heady mix of things together!

Tea is renowned for helping us navigate the often difficult journey through life, whether we were seeking help physically, emotionally or spiritually. At this time in our history, when we lack harmony and feel discordance in so many aspects of our lives, these teas can offer those of us seeking a more conscious path a gateway to self-enquiry, helping us lighten our load.

In the tea circle, we enjoy a mindful and engaging tea drinking experience and gentle guided meditation. Each circle is different and anchored by the spirit and energetic medicine of a chosen tea. The circle is curated to seem like an outer shared experience but is in fact, a deeply self-reflective one, providing a quiet, gentle space to sit with yourself and take a breather.