Our Story

Our tea story began over 20 years ago when we were looking for a healthy tea to compliment our Yoga and Tai Chi practices. Focusing on green tea, with its well documented health benefits and legacy for supporting such traditions, we went to tea specialists and Chinese supermarkets and tried the scarce offerings available at the time. Although exotically named, most were barely palatable and still mainly only available in teabags, we were struck but how difficult it was to find loose leaf tea…

And then we went to China for the first time and here is where the real story begins. Because there, in the bustling tea markets of Shanghai, we were stopped in our tracks.

Not only was our search for decent green tea over, but in that vast space, filled with literally thousands of beautiful loose-leaf teas, all different colours and shapes, we knew instinctively we must be in the presence of greatness. To lavish that much energy and reverence on one plant was all the proof we needed that we might have under appreciated why tea has always been the most sought after drink in the world.

So returning home we began our exploration into the nutrition, health benefits and magic contained within these teas. We have developed our own unique approach, helping people find the most suitable teas for them.

Whether you are just looking for a way to improve your wellbeing or wanting to dive deeper into the mysteries of life, we know you will enjoy the companionship and support these teas can offer.

We warmly welcome you to ATTIC Teas.

Anne and Ric



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