Our Story

Our tea story began when we started drinking whole leaf green tea because we felt it aligned with our tai chi and yoga practices. 

At the time (pre-internet!) the best offerings were in a shop in London and although exotically named, most were fairly tasteless and could get very bitter.

The universe had obviously heard our call and intervened in the form of Anne’s Uncle who, out of the blue paid for a trip for her, her brother and cousin to go to China.

Shortly after landing in Shanghai, Anne found herself in the bustling tea markets. The teas there tasted sweet, nutty, floral, peppery, earthy, nothing like what we had been having at home. The rucksack was filled and an idea born.

Soon after, and full of enthusiasm we opened a tea-themed cafe in Bristol as we felt it would be the best way to introduce these fascinating new teas to people. 

Although the cafe was very popular, it soon became apparent that these were not the sort of teas you could casually sell alongside the brownies and coffee. So we decided it would be best to build a nice website and travel the country doing health and wellbeing shows.

It was at one of these shows that we met Jane Alexander, a plant spirit energy practitioner, who has opened our eyes to what we already intuitively felt. These teas are more than just delicious healthy hot drinks. They can, when treated with reverence, provide real support. 

We hope the unique presentation of these teas will help you discover a whole new world of companionship, support and wisdom.

Welcome to 'All The Tea In China' Teas 💚



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