Our Story

I grew up with fond memories of going to my Chinese granny’s house and drinking ‘special’ loose tea brewed in a pot. Many years later I was reminded of this when Ric and I began to drink green tea. We were drawn to its well-publicised health benefits, but when crushed up in teabags it wasn’t a very enjoyable drink!

Then in 2005 I went to China for the first time (with the added mission of finding some decent tea). In awe and inspired by the vast array of beautiful loose teas we opened a tea bar in Bristol in 2006 with the intention of providing the perfect peaceful environment to experience these teas. 

To make it a viable business, we also sold coffee but soon realised the bustling cafe energy jarred with the more relaxed state the teas readily put you in. The tea bar wasn't, as it turned out the right environment to experience the teas. Tea drinking needs to be something you can easily experience every day, not as recreation but as a part of life. We took the difficult decision to close and find a different approach to introducing these teas.

As we warmly welcome you to the ‘virtual’ ATTIC, let us assure you we receive these wonderful Chinese Teas in small, regular batches and we hand pack them ourselves with the loving reverence they deserve. We encourage you to find the ones you most enjoy and let them help you live a lighter life.

Anne and Ric x

Teas: I start the day with Green tea, Black in the afternoon and sleep blend at night. Always White when I am driving!

Guilty pleasures: Whisky, old TV murder mysteries, pub on a Sunday (if only!).

Wellness practices: Swimming, yoga, walking in nature, lower world journeying.

Favourite teachers: Paul Francis, Dr Andrew Weil.

Favourite books: Prodigal Summer, His Dark Materials, A Million Little Pieces.

What the tea means to me: A great friend who always has my best interests at heart.

Teas: Green tea in the morning and Pu’erh in the evening.

Wellness practices: Tai Chi, Meditation, lucid dreaming.

Guilty pleasures: Red wine, YouTube conspiracy rabbit holes.

Favourite teachers: Byron Katie, Bashar.

Favourite youtube/podcast: Mindsmash, Higherside Chats, Veritas.

What the tea means to me: Eastern wisdom in a cup.




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