Immunity Tea

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Green tea, elderflower, yarrow & lemongrass. 

Elderflower and lemongrass are known for their expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties and thought to offer relief from hay fever and sinusitis, relaxing the overactive immune response to allergens.

Yarrow, lemongrass and elderflower are all thought to gently promote perspiration, cooling down the body and helping eliminate toxins.

The catechins in green tea have a wide range of antiviral activity against a variety of viruses.

So, along with their expectorant nature, these herbs combine well with the immune-boosting properties of the green tea, creating a tea ideal for the early stages of coughs, colds and fevers, whether summer or winter.

Weight 60g

Comes in a biodegradable resealable pouch. 

Occasionally people may find they have a mild reaction to certain herbs. Also it is good to advise avoiding therapeutic doses of any herb during pregnancy.



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