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My purpose is to connect you with the heavens. I help you to reach for the stars and to bring your spiritual potential into being. Use me if you are struggling to embody your spiritual ideals or if you find that peace escapes you. Think of me as a hotline to divinity.  I expand the crown, open the third eye and allow chi to flow with ease through the throat chakra. In shamanic practice I can be used to journey through the upper worlds.

If used before meditation, I will aid you to achieve your deepest space of connection. I can be used at times of desperation, when fear consumes you or you feel cut off from love. I assist you to mend your broken heart at times of loss, to travel the road to acceptance when you are grieving and to find joy when you have forgotten the beauty of the world.

If used mindfully, reverently and in sacred practice, I can support your greatest spiritual growth. I can open your inner eye to see truth in all things and take you on a journey into the fullness of your awareness. I replenish your energy stores – offering healing to the kidney meridian and sacral chakra. I strengthen your boundaries and support immunity as I teach you to understand you own sacredness. Turn to me when you are feeling at sea or adrift from your familiar ways. I can help you to begin anew and to set your course for greatest happiness.

Look to me when you are ready to embrace the next stage of your journey. I will help you to turn the corner and take all the risks you need to ensure that you are ready to welcome in the new.  I can bring into your conscious awareness all that you need to open to who you are already becoming.

I allow the promise of peace to light your way to a life lived in relationship to divine truth.



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