The Tea'Ching

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Having worked with Tea for many years, we are perfectly placed to introduce the sentient wisdom and healing powers of this sacred plant, Camellia Sinensis, so that you too might experience its deeper potential as a soul medicine.

The Tea’Ching Programme begins with an immersive day of learning about the multi-faceted nature of tea and why it is the perfect compliment to any healing modality or self-development practice.

The day will not only bring the magic of these teas into your own life, but connect you to a wonderful like-minded group, as once you have completed the day you will be invited to join our online Practitioner Communitea. This is a monthly meet-up space where we continue to learn from each other and deepen our experiences with these magical teas, developing the confidence and methods to integrate them into our work and introduce them into other people’s lives.

Tea’ching Programme may be a fit for you if:

  • You are professional holistic practitioner with a focus on energy work.
  • Love the idea of drinking Chinese teas with awareness and connection.
  • Are looking for ways to make your work stand out.
  • Are interested in deepening your own knowledge of plant spirit medicine.
  • Are looking for exciting ways to create sacred space and a safe, accessible environment for your clients/ groups.

Once you sign up to the programme (cost £95 one-off payment), you will receive a pack containing a hard copy of the Tea'Ching manual, 10 pot samples of each Chinese tea and a Tea Maker. We will then organise a date for the Tea’Ching day and your exciting journey will begin. The day will run 10am-4pm (with a lunch break) and is available currently via ZOOM (1:1 or in a chosen group)

Please feel free to call Anne on 07966 799659 or email to discuss if this programme is a good fit for you. 

Or join our facebook group to keep connected.

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