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Many years ago, in the fledgling years of ATTIC, we decided to try blending all 5 of the Chinese teas together, that's the white, green, oolong, black and pu-erh teas. 

After all, we excitedly decided, ATTIC stands for All The Tea In China, why not see what they taste like mixed together.

Surprisingly, it actually tasted DELICIOUS! We couldn't quite put our finger on it, but it had a familiar, welcoming, rich flavour that felt like home.....

The more samplings we did, the more Eureka moments we had from our tasters. 'WOW, it just tastes like builders tea with milk!!'
'It's so weird, it just tastes like a normal cuppa but it doesn't have any milk in it'.

And so it continued until the penny dropped, this mix tastes like a normal tea with milk already added. So its flavour is familiar, loved by our culture already and a fantastic healthy alternative to all the teabag tea.

Low in caffeine, needs no milk (but you can add milk if you need) and carries the incredible benefits of all the chinese teas, universally known for their health-boosting effects.

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