Tea'cher training

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Available via ZOOM or in person. Please see our join our new facebook group if you're interested.

Attic Teas are the perfect compliment to any alternative health practice. You can introduce them to your clients through one to one sessions, group healing spaces, running your own tea tastings or by integrating them into your workshops and classes. 

You will become part of the Attic teas family and we will always be here to provide support and encourage the sharing of ideas. 

This very special Tea'ching reflects our own discoveries and how we have developed our own unique approach to tea drinking through years of research, experience and feedback. It is the meeting of East and West, the spirit and the science, the invisible and the visible and we invite you to join us on the journey.

As the tea plant says...

"We are all light, we are all one, we are all a dance of light and as we dance, we change and grow and evolve and ascend. But first there is the dance…. So come dance with me".



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