Tea'cher Training

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When we choose to ‘work’ with the Tea Plant more consciously and integrate it into related healing practices, Tea can act as as our Tea’cher. By subtly and positively affecting our brain chemistry, the tea can induce a deepened state of awareness, through which we might feel inspired, gain insight, perceive things differently and heal deeper levels of ourselves.

ATTIC Tea’cher training offers an in-depth look at this sacred plant and initiates you into experiencing it’s power, from the magical to the mundane.

A perfect compliment to any healing modality or self-development practice, it will not only enhance your own life, but also benefit your work as it will support and integrate beautifully into all that you do.

Your Tea'ching pack includes:

  • 1 -1 training with co-founder Anne Sheekey 
  • 40 page Tea'cher training manual
  • A-T-T-I-C box for the attunement ceremony
  • 3 pot samples of each Chinese tea
  • Tea Maker
  • ATTIC Tea symbol coaster to charge your tea 

The day will run 10am-4pm (with a lunch break).

Available via ZOOM or in person.  

Call 07966 799659 or email anne@atticteas.com to discuss if this training is right for you. Or join our facebook group to keep connected.

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