Tea and Tantra - An offering from the divine male to the divine female.

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Tantra literally means 'weaving' and in this 2hr 1-1 session we will weave our consciousness in and out of the tea plant and each other through a series of guided meditations, touch and tea ceremony.

In the first 1hr we will use loose leaf Chinese tea made in a ceremonial way and tea essences called 'meldings' to plug you in directly to the consciousness of the tea plant. 

In the second hour will also explore the idea of connection to another person. Through sharing space, gentle touch and exploration. 

A the end of the session after integrating the experience with a guided meditation you will receive a gift of Chinese teas and and tea maker, so that you can continue on the journey and continue to weave this wonderful magical plant into your life.  

If you haven't already seen the page please head over to Tea and Tantra to find out more.