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put fire in your belly and a song in your throat. I call from deep within you your creative purpose. I will help you to find that part of you that holds the key to the unique contribution to life that you were born to make. 

I release old habits, tired beliefs and childhood programming. I am excellent when used to harness your true capacity to create, so can be used to birth new projects, establish dreams or ground your wildest fantasies.  

I can help you to see what is possible and how to launch it in the earth plane. I can facilitate the awakening of your ability to manifest all that you need to ensure your soul purpose can be experienced within this lifetime.  

Thus I am a bringer of abundance and personal longevity. If you are holding on to the past or are clinging to parts of yourself that are best released, I can help you to let go and realign with your own best self. I leave no stone unturned, no corner unvisited and no part of you out in the cold.

I can be useful if you are ready to meet your shadow and are looking for support as you reflect upon the developmental work ahead. 

I will help you to create the life that fulfils you. To shape the road ahead so that you might journey easily wherever the road leads you. I am supportive of those who are struggling and feel lost. Choose me if you fall prey to impulses of the ego and of self criticism.

I can help you to have faith in yourself and to trust life once more.



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