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I am of service when you are unravelling or fear you might be. Ultimately I bring balance. I help you to find the midpoint in your experience and birth new equilibrium.

Use me at times of stagnancy to help you to open the door to change but perhaps I am my most potent when change is arising within you and you are feeling unable to cope.

I am excellent if you are trying to vanquish old coping strategies or rewrite your patterns of behaviour especially those in response to stress and strain. I can be used to free yourself from the conditioning of the past.

I can assist you to undo the legacy of your family experience and the inheritance that came from your ancestors. I can help you to draw from your ancestral line the legacy which is of most benefit and release that which contributes to your suffering.

Call to me when you are ready to deepen your relationship with your body and to learn from its deeper wisdoms. I can help you to balance the yin/yang polarity within you, supporting you in healing your relationship with your own gender and your feelings towards the other.

I will lead your awareness into your true centre so that you can find your own unique expression of who you are. Use me when your nerves are frayed and you feel lost and I will help you to find clear sailing once more.

I lighten the load and ease your journey, helping you to find true and lasting self acceptance.



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