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I stabilise your soul in your physical form. I am resonant with the divine mother who births your spiritual awareness. I am part protectress and part mistress. I insist upon your growth while holding you safely in my heart.

I will release from your energy field the energies of your resistance. I am no friend to the ego and I will challenge it at every turn. I broaden your horizons by making you see what is possible for you to accomplish in your lifetime.

I will take you through your fear so that you may move forward with what best serves your family and friends. Some find me comforting but most find me invigorating. If I frighten you, then know for sure that great change is coming and you can choose to invite it in or fight with it.

I empower you to truly live. I am the path to radical acceptance. I purify the heart. I can bring forgiveness and release from the past. I am a great supporter if you feel ashamed of your past actions.

I support all those who mother. I help you to find the strength of the mother without martyrdom or victimhood. In this action, I am deeply and profoundly calming. I aid you in coming to the awareness that you are perfect for the role life asks of you.

Use me when you are grasping after certainties or find that you are seeking to know everything that may arise for you. Use me if you find that you are having the experience of overwhelm.

My reputation as a bringer of health arises from the role I can play in supporting you to embody your true divinity.  


Turn to me when you are ready to soar.



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