Chinese Tea Tasting Kit

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Each kit contains 6 teas and a tea maker.

A true gift from nature, our carefully chosen Chinese teas have been found to reduce stress, boost your natural healing ability and keep you calm and centred. They also positively alter your brain chemistry to help shift your perspective so everything feels more possible.

But they aren’t a quick fix. By introducing one or more of our teas into your daily routine, over time this gentle re-patterning will become second nature.  So it is helpful to find the ones you enjoy drinking the most.

There are 5 wonderful types of tea to try- white, green, oolong, black and pu’erh- all with their own unique tastes and effects. Each kit contains one of our magical tea makers and a 3-pot bag of each tea with an additional bag of our own unique tea ‘All The Tea In China’.

There are tasting notes included to help you enjoy your tea experience and once you have found the tea or teas you like, we suggest beginning to drink them every day. The same leaves can be refreshed with more hot water when you are ready for another cup.



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