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I will connect you with all the stories of your being. Through me you will be able to dance with your shadow and reclaim its wisdom. I am excellent if there are parts of your being that you have pushed aside and are now ready to release and utilize. Work with me if you are ready to hear the voices of your ancestors as they are written in your body. Work with me if you are ready to know of your place within all creation. Work with me if you are ready to listen to the wisdom of the plants and animals and trees. Work with me if you wish to reclaim the traditions of the old ways and the memories of societies no longer thriving.

I am fate’s patterns and life experiences. I can show you how your life came to be and how you were woven from the stars. I push open the heart, shift the third eye and support the body so that you might encompass all you are capable of experiencing.  Taken during stable times in your life, I will empower your growth, heighten your senses and intensify your awareness so that you can see clearly and hear your soul’s voice.

Taken during times of great upheaval and worry, I will offer you strength so that you are able to handle what is arising for you. Many fall into the trap of using me to anesthetise away the stresses of the day. Use me with intention and reverence and I will elevate you beyond your anxieties and worries into a whole new way of being.

I am of great assistance to those involved in deep spiritual practices and for those who give voice to the wisdoms of the earth and the skies. I can help you to become more adept at your soul’s work, helping you to access abilities from your soul’s previous incarnations and support you to activate latent talents and skills. Use me when you need to achieve something significant.

Call on my power and I will be there beside you, demanding that you rise to the challenge.



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