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I am a calming gentle influence. The promise of stability to come. I help you to integrate life’s experiences and to find your equilibrium whatever is arising for you. I am your friend when you are travelling through choppy karmic waters as I will help you to see the lessons and to learn them quickly so that you do not suffer. I can aid you to accept your emotional experience without fighting so that you make peace with pain and are able to allow its movement through your being without judgement.

I am excellent taken at the end of conscious healing work or after a particularly turbulent meditation session or night’s sleep. I can help to smooth out the edges and help you to feel whole again. I can also be used at the end of a long and challenging day to similar effect. I am beneficial for those who struggle to maintain their boundaries or definition when challenged and should be taken daily until greater confidence arises.

I am cleansing in effect but this is a gentler action than that of my parts. Each tea working together creates a more balanced impact.  I am perfectly balanced – earth, fire, water, air, metal and spirit and as such, I can bring your own elements into balance too. Turn to me if you know yourself to be deficient in an element or if you have one in excess.  I am the tea to turn to when the situation you find yourself in is impossible and yet cannot be changed. I will help you to navigate the storm and sustain you as you do.

Look to me when you are lonely or afraid and I will help you to feel life’s benevolence once more. 



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