The 60 day System Subscription

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Research suggests it takes an average of 8 weeks before a new behaviour becomes automatic, as you have to allow that time to rewire the brain, known as neuroplasticity. 

Our experience shows, it also is the perfect amount of time to really start to see the positive affects of that habit change. To find out more about the importance of a healthy tea habit, visit our blog post.

We have created a delicious blend of all 5 types of tea (white, green, oolong, black and pu'erh) that contains the full array of beneficial nutrients from all the different teas and has a lovely well-rounded flavour.

The system is very simple. We just suggest drinking this tea every day for 60 days, re-steeping the leaves often (ensure at least 3-4 mugs a day). It is best if you can replace any other tea and coffee, sweetened or fizzy drinks you would usually consume.

The best method for brewing the tea, especially if you are doing it at work, is our fantastic tea maker and we offer it half price when you sign up to this subscription (which you are free to cancel after the 2 months if you do not wish to continue)

To help keep you motivated and help you keep a record of how it is helping, we offer a daily email service to check in to see if you have accomplished having your daily cuppas and a rating scale to track improvements in your digestion, sense of calm, sleep, energy, motivation and focus.