Because our customers drink most of their ATTIC tea during the working day, we regularly visit offices around the country, helping people better support their physical and mental health day-to-day through workshops and introducing our teas into their lives.

Our much loved ‘HYDRATION STATION’ is often the best place to start. Everyone can experience our teas for themselves, find the best one(s) for their specific needs and for many to just come and have a cuppa and chat about health niggles. For more info, please download this pdf and let us know if you are interested in arranging a visit.

The Hydration station usually goes hand in hand with one of our workshops, or ‘LEARNING BURSTS’. These cover a range of subjects that are usually appropriate to most of the workforce. Their aim is to give proactive tools and techniques to help better navigate life’s daily ups and downs. Listed below are our 3 most popular ones:

Sleep, Relaxation & Energy

We all know that sleep and rest play a vital role in good health, cognitively, emotionally and in people’s ability to perform generally. But unfortunately sleep ‘problems’ are fast becoming an epidemic. In this session we look at how daytime routines affect people’s sleep patterns and how we conserve and boost our energy levels. We will offer tips and tools to enhance the quality and duration of sleep.

Mood & Food

People feeling below par, exhausted, anxious or unrefreshed no longer need to take a passive approach. There is much compelling evidence about the links between food and our nerves, brain and digestion and thus our mood. In this session, we explore some useful biology about the essential relationship between good digestion and our natural energy levels and emotions. We also look at particular food groups and offer some great tools to help people take back the control of how they feel.

Managing Stress & mindful practice

We all know what it’s like to feel stressed. Being under pressure is a normal part of life. But becoming overwhelmed on a regular basis by it should not be. 

This interactive workshop will look at the impact of Stress, what it is and how we acknowledge it. We will look at some very effective habit changes that can really help alleviate its negative impact on our health and wellbeing and also learn some mindful practices to help us feel more in control and better able to manage it.

Again if interested in finding out more, please email us at for more information.