The East has always had a more holistic approach to wellbeing. Placing greater value on breathing, hydration and posture for example than traditionally in the west. Well now the west is catching up with increasing amounts of scientific research supporting the eastern approach to health. 

Book one of our fun and interactive active workshops today and find out how effective and easy to is to integrate these principles into your life leading to much greater health and happiness. 

Some testimonials from recent workshops:

'This is the most helpful wellbeing session I've attended....and I have been to many!'

'A fascinating experience, could happily have listened all day'

'really worth finding an hour to attend this workshop as the thoughts and techniques are so applicable and useful for everyday life'

'Really informative and digestible information, food for thought'

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'It will exceed your expectations. Loved how it was fun, interactive and informative'

'The seventh fundamental driver for good health should be attending this workshop!'

'This workshop has left me feeling calm, centered and positive!

'Really beneficial to see how the little changes have such a big effect'

'Worthwhile, very insightful'