Why drink tea

There is a subtle but very important difference between not being ill and feeling exceptionally well. At ATTIC Teas we are interested in what that aliveness can mean to how people approach their day-to-day life.

As our medical system becomes more about disease management and less about caring for our actual health, and many of the longterm illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity are lifestyle-driven, more and more people are turning to positive, preventative solutions to reduce the chances of this outcome.

Prevention is obviously a very difficult thing to measure. But human life and the quality of it hinges on a very simple but profound principle that our bodies actually have an intrinsic drive towards optimum health.

So when we look at preventative measures for ourselves, we are really looking for things that unblock, facilitate and support those natural healing mechanisms that are already within us.

This leads us very nicely onto tea. The tea plant has been used for millennia for its delicious taste, medicinal and supportive action and to keep people alert and healthy. But due to the rise of the teabag, drinking tea has become more an everyday caffeine habit than a thoughtful action. The area that seems to be most universally noted as an area where change would be beneficial is the over-dependance, especially during the working day, on caffeine and the negative knock-on effects of this too.

It is time to return to drinking tea as nature intended and reap the benefits of this amazing drink.