Our Story

I grew up with fond memories of going to my Chinese granny’s house and being given delightfully exotic cups of tea, always loose and brewed in a special pot.

Many years later, whilst managing a herbalists and natural health clinic and learning about the healing power of plants, I went to China for the first time.

Seeing the reverence with which people drank tea, reflected in the variety, quality and the way they always refreshed the same leaves all day, it really struck me how such a joyful and clearly nourishing ritual had all but been forgotten in the West.


Teas: I start the day with Green tea, Black in the afternoon and sleep blend at night. Always White when I am driving!

Guilty pleasures: Whisky, old TV murder mysteries, pub on a Sunday.

Wellness practices: swimming, yoga, walking in nature, lower world journeying.

Favourite teacher: Paul Francis, Dr Andrew Weil.

Favourite books: Prodigal Summer, His Dark Materials, A Million Little Pieces.

What the tea means to me: a great friend who always has my best interests at heart.


Teas: Reviving tea in the morning, Oolong in the day and Pu’erh in the evening. The Blend when I feel like having a 'normal tea'.

Wellness practices: Tai Chi, Meditation, lucid dreaming.

Guilty pleasures: Red wine, YouTube conspiracy rabbit holes.

Favourite teachers: Byron Katie, Bashar.

Favourite youtube/podcast: Mindsmash, Higherside Chats, Veritas.

What the tea means to me: The very best form of hydration, tastes nice, easy to drink and you know it's doing you all kinds of good both mentally and physically.



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