Welcome to ATTIC

ATTIC is an acronym for ‘All the tea in China’, a name that not only refers to the wonderful Chinese teas we offer, but also reminds us just how valuable they are. In fact, as the saying goes, priceless.

There is a calmer, more inherent way of being that is readily available to us all, where nature provides gifts we are in awe of not just commodities to trade. Interestingly, as the world around us has sped up, becoming busy, noisy and distracting, production of tea in China has remained largely unchanged. Still harvested and produced by hand, tea is drunk there with reverence, it’s natural whole leaf form allowed to brew slowly and be savoured for its ability to bring vitality, balance and insight into our daily lives.

Although the rise of the teabag has won out in our nation’s appreciation of this wonderful drink, it has become clear that quantity and convenience always comes at a price. Once the beneficial nutrients are depleted through machine harvesting and the leaves are only allowed to brew for a short amount of time, tea loses its superpowers. That is why ATTIC Teas are all of the highest quality, whole leaf and we recommend you refresh the same leaves throughout the day to help hydrate your body and mind and enjoy all the amazing nutrients they contain.

We believe such a favourable and enjoyable ritual will be readily welcomed into your everyday life :)



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