Tea guardians


Over the last 10 years we have been lucky enough to meet some wonderful people who have guided us on our journey to understanding what Chinese tea can offer. Here are the 5 most important, we call them "Tea Guardians" :)

Sonia Ducie is a famed numerologist having worked with several large companies advising on branding and the magical art of numerology. We were lucky enough to meet her at a Mind Body Spirit show in Cheltenham and knew instantly she had something important to share with us. 

Andrew Kemp is a very well established and respected healer based in Bristol. He introduced us to the work of Dr David Hawkins, Power vs Force which charts the quality of the vibration of emotions, actions and natural products. On a scale of 1-1000 Chinese tea is at 999 making it unparalleled as a natural healing product. 

Jane Alexander is a wonderful channeller who is deeply connected to the natural world, in particular plant spirits. She is able to access a certain state of consciousness that allows her to literally speak on behalf of the different teas. You can listen to her guided tea mediations here.

Joanna Fallon is a truly gifted artist and designer who we met in Bristol in 2007. She worked with us for many years to help develop the unique aesthetic which blends eastern and western design principles.  

Yu Jing Fang is our buyer in China. Anne met her on her very first trip to China in 2005 and she has been with us ever since, ensuring the quality and ethical standards are upheld. She has never been to the UK but we hope to get her over one day to meet the Queen!