Your own daily tea ritual

There are no hard and fast rules, but here we offer a few pointers to get you started. This exciting journey and relationship is yours to cultivate in whatever way feels good :)

Self-care and healthy choices don't have to be a pull on your time or hard work, they can be as simple as making small but better decisions when it comes to your everyday acts. 

A habit is defined as a routine of behaviour that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously, namely without your awarenessWhereas a ritual is a conscious, meaningful habit that not only offers its own benefits but also helps convince our brains of constancy and predictability which reduces anxiety and stress.

If you would like to delve deeper into the world of tea, our second suggestion is to find your preferred Chinese tea - the one that resonates most with who you truly are. This may be more than one tea but from our experience, we tend to all have a favourite! This is best found through taste because beyond it being agreeable to pick a tea that you actually enjoy drinking, the physical aspects (taste and smell) and the emotional aspects (do you like it/ how does it make you feel) are the easiest way to access your inner self.This is why it can be helpful to try ALL the teas before choosing the one(s) you are most drawn to for your daily ritual.

As tea is a 'tonic' it supports you in a very holistic way, gently supporting the general functioning of the body and mind. But you may have certain immediate needs, like problems falling asleep or feeling exhausted and then you might find the herbal teas helpful. Created to bring out unique expressions of the five teas and blended with medicinal herbs to be more healing in their action, they are named for their more focused action.

And just a little mention of our tea spirit cards. Like oracle cards, they share tea wisdom and by drawing on the assistance of a tea by picking from the deck while holding a particular intention or purpose in mind and then drinking the chosen tea through that day can really help strengthen its effectiveness. This is when the 6 teas can act as soul medicine.