Tea Tasting

Anne and I have been practicing Yoga and Tai chi for many years and it is in part, how we discovered Chinese tea and why we began drinking it daily as a great health tonic, sitting so perfectly alongside any self-development practice.

During that time our love, appreciation and understanding of these teas has grown immeasurably. 

We are now offering group tea tasting sessions and meditations, whether you are a Yoga or Tai Chi class or a group of friends or colleagues with an interest in finding out more about tea!

During the session you can learn about each of the 5 main Chinese teas, how they differ, how to brew them, and when is the best time of day to drink each tea. We introduce a little of the history and science of tea, how they relate to the 5 elements and a guided tea meditation to finish off the experience.

The sessions are FREE of charge to groups, as they offer us a great opportunity to make new connections and meet potential customers!

If you teach a class, organise retreats or workshops or are group interested in experiencing the world of Chinese tea, we'd love to hear from you. To find out how to book your free tea tasting please email hello@atticteas.com or call Anne on 07966 799659



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