Subscription Service


Research suggests it takes an average of 8 weeks before a new behaviour becomes automatic as you have to allow time to rewire the brain, this is called neuroplasticity.

Our experience also shows that it is the perfect amount of time to really begin to experience the positive affects of that habit change, especially with things like your digestion, sense of calm, sleep, energy levels, motivation and focus…... so you don’t want to run out of tea at the critical moment!

For those of you just getting started or coming back to give the tea-drinking another go, we just suggest you pick one of our teas that you are happy to drink all day (they are all great for you so pick one you like!) and try drinking this tea every day for 60 days, re-steeping the leaves as often as is palatable (ensure at least 3-4 mugs a day). It is best if you can replace any other tea and coffee, sweetened or fizzy drinks you would usually consume.

Feel free to contact us if you are unsure where to start or have any questions or feedback :) Here are 4 simple reasons to start a subscription today:

1. It's cheaper! 10% off all subscriptions.

2. No need to remember to order your tea it will automatically arrive exactly when you need it to.

3. Cancel or amend anytime, either log into your account or email us.

4. You'll forget otherwise and not feel as amazing!