Our Story

Today the teas are lighting up more and more people’s lives all over the country allowing us to continue to do what we love; sharing this wonderfully wise, healing plant with as many people as possible. 

It has been a bit of a journey though!

Way back in 2005, Anne went on a trip to China and fell in love with Chinese tea. So much so that soon after we opened a beautiful tea shop and began importing the teas to offer the public what had by now become a shared passion.

It started really well, with lots of interest and enthusiasm for the teas, but after a number of years of hard work and trying everything we could think of to grow the business we realised that we were just too specialised for the location.

Eventually we could no longer carry on and with debts mounting we had no choice but to move out of the shop. Letting go of the burden of trying to make it work turned out to be the best thing we could have done!

Suddenly, we were free to move around and with our online customers continuing to buy, we visited shows, festivals and workplaces all over the country, meeting people and making connections we would never have done. Keep an eye on our events page to find out where we will be next.

Hope to meet you soon!