Our Story

By early 2000, we were already looking for natural ways to take better care of ourselves - a healthier diet, more exercise, the usual stuff. We started drinking some herbal teas, collecting a whole selection that seemingly fitted our lifestyle, but none that really hit the spot.

It wasn’t until we went to China that we found the answer. In the breathtaking tea markets of Shanghai, we saw first hand how, with the right types of leaves, still in their whole-leaf form, and with a slower way of brewing, tea can become something so much more.

If drinking herbal and fruit teas was like taking up jogging, these teas were like being a master of Tai Chi!

The complex, delicate flavours and abundance of goodness meant we felt the benefits straight away.

It gives us great pleasure to share these teas, birthed within a wise and ancient culture, to help nourish your body, soothe your mind and excite your spirit.

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