Sacred Tea Journeys

Sacred Tea Journeys are 1 hour long immersive, meditative experiences that offer a very simple but powerful way to engage with the wisdom of the tea, an experience you can then access on a daily basis.

Tea has always been believed to have hidden powers, helping us find a deeper spiritual connection. The science now supports this belief and there is an alchemical change when we combine the physical properties of the tea with being in mental space where we are open to contemplation. It connects us to the sacred and subtle world that we also belong to.

If you run a group of any kind, could imagine such an experience with your group of friends or are just interested in finding out a little more, we would love to hear from you.

We run regular Sacred Tea Journeys on the last Tuesday of every month at:

Bishop Lloyds Palace

51-53 Watergate St, Chester CH1 2LE 


Please fill in the form below to book your place or enquire about hosting.  



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