Our Story

While practicing yoga and tai chi many years ago, we began to drink green tea as a way to stay healthier. We drank it in teabags as that was all that was available.

A few years later we took an auspicious trip to China, greatly looking forward to drinking some lovely green tea. But in the vast tea markets of Shanghai we got more than we bargained for! Their Green tea was big loose leaves and brewed a really light liquor, offering an entirely different experience to the teabag one we had been drinking.

But also there were many different types of tea- something to suit everyone- and without exception, young and old, everyone drank these teas all day and they all looked pretty spritely!

Knowing that you couldn’t buy them back home, we returned from China laden with bags full of beautiful tea. It was 2006, and we set up ATTIC Teas as a tea-bar in Bristol and begun importing tea regularly from China.

And so began our extraordinary journey, where researching and experiencing their many benefits and properties has broadened our understanding of just how multi-faceted the tea plant is.

ATTIC is no longer a tea-bar, but the heart of tea experience, where we can share the many ways this plant can heal and nourish your body, soothe and centre your mind, excite and enlighten your spirit.

We welcome you to ATTIC Teas

Anne and Ric x



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