Our Story

Many years ago we were looking for natural ways to take better care of ourselves. We were practicing yoga and tai chi and began drinking green tea, in teabags as that was all that was available, because everyone knew it was supposed to be really good for you and we loved that it was full of the spirit of the exotic East.

Years later, Anne took an auspicious trip to China and in the tea markets of Shanghai saw their green tea was big whole leaves and brewed more slowly to produce a really light liquor, offering an entirely different experience to the teabag. Everybody, young and old, drank this brew and they all looked pretty spritely.

While in these tea markets, Anne discovered green tea is made from one plant, the Camellia Sinensis. Originating in China, this one plant undergoes different methods of processing to create 5 types of REAL tea- white, green, oolong, black and pu'erh.

Our interest in these whole leaf Chinese teas developed into something much bigger when Anne returned home and realised you couldn’t buy them anywhere, not in a supermarket, not even in a health shop. So in 2006, we set up ATTIC Teas and begun importing teas from China and researching their many benefits and properties.

From the hundreds of options we began to select our very favourites, and we wouldn't change them for All The Tea IChina (how we got our name!)

It gives us great pleasure to share these teas, birthed within a wise and ancient culture, to help nourish your body, soothe your mind and excite your spirit.

Welcome to ATTIC Teas :)

Anne and Ric



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