Our Story

We created ATTIC Teas (an acronym for All The Tea In China) in 2006 after a trip to China and its amazing tea markets reopened our eyes to this highly revered and sacred plant we commonly know as ‘tea’.

But unlike the ‘tea’ we are used to, tea made from Chinese tea plants falls into 5 categories; white, green, oolong, black and pu’erh. It is the different processing of the same plant that creates the different types, flavours and effects.

We began with a tea shop in Bristol that focused on the healing and health-giving properties of these teas, and proceeded to work with many different people, from herbalists and nutritionists to energy healers, exploring the potential of this new-found approach to tea-drinking.

Now offer an exciting and practical approach to drinking tea as a natural way for us to stay healthy. 

We welcome you to ATTIC Teas,

Anne and Ric