Our Story

Attic Teas began life as a tea bar and cafe in Bristol in 2006. Our focus was always to promote better health and sense of wellbeing. But over the years ATTIC (standing for All The Tea In China) has developed into something deeper. 

This website reflects our discoveries and how we have developed our own unique approach to tea drinking through years of research, experience and feedback. It is the meeting of East and west, the spirit and the science, the invisible and the visible and we invite you to join us on this journey into the heart of what it means to be truly well.

To live lighter, we need a personal sense that fundamentally everything is ok, regardless of difficult situations that arise, ups and downs that come and go, our material situation and fluctuating emotional experiences. Building our resilience both in terms of our physical and mental health.

Here we share the many ways Chinese tea can heal your body, soothe your mind and excite your spirit.

We welcome you to Attic Teas.

Live lighter,

Anne and Ric x



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