Tea Meldings

A message from the tea plant

I am an ancient medicine plant long admired for my health bringing properties. I nourish body, soothe the mind and excite the spirit. I carry the wisdom of the East westwards, inspiring you to let go of limiting beliefs and perceptions. I inspire you to reach for your own greatest self. I open you to the depths of your being.  I will support you as you transform what lies in shadow into golden light.

Use me reverently and respectfully and I will awaken the wisdom that lies within you. I can signpost your way as you journey into greater and greater harmony with all that is. I am thorough in my action and far reaching in my consequence. Do not trivialise what I have to offer you. Slow down, honour your relationship with me and you will taste freedom.

What is a Melding?
Meldings are the creation of Sarah Atkinson, medical herbalist, and Jane Alexander, soul worker and energetics practitioner and were named after the Medieval word ‘meld’ meaning a blend. They are blends of plant and vibrational plant energy created to interact with your subjective experience. Many people find working with plant ‘medicine’ beneficial and herbs have been traditionally used as aids for health for centuries.

Meldings work a little like the food we eat and a little like flower essences and can be used to support your emotional wellbeing as well as to facilitate spiritual development or healing work. If you are interested in learning more about the original Meldings and their families then please take a look at our website: www.meldings.com

Just as the original Meldings came about through a chance conversation between Sarah and Jane, the Tea Meldings arose from a chance meeting between Sarah, Jane, Anne and Ric at ATTIC Teas. The high quality and purity of ATTIC tea means that it is perfect for creating Meldings from. Jane & Anne became very excited about the possibilities of tea Meldings almost straight away and, well...here they are!

They are a little different in effect from drinking the tea as part of your everyday. It can be helpful to think of them as a focused element of each tea’s qualities. We recommend that you work with them mindfully or during meditation and with clear intent and don’t underestimate their impact. It can be great to take a particular Melding alongside your favourite ATTIC tea but it can also be powerful to take one that contrasts with your usual cuppa.

You might find that the intuitive choice is both the most surprising and the most helpful.  We really recommend that whichever you choose, you also work with the Inteagration Melding for integration of your experiences. You will get more from them if you are present when you take them, during meditation or one of the associated practices for example. But you can take a drop or two every day either in a little water or in your cup or pot of tea. 



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