Free Online Tea Circles

This is a 2-hour workshop ideal for those new to Chinese tea. It is the perfect introduction to the ATTIC approach and helps you build a new and exciting relationship with your daily tea drinking.

We begin by introducing the tea plant, a little tea history and why Chinese teas stand out above all others.

We will brew up and try the 6 teas, experiencing the different tastes and way they make you feel so you might find the ones you enjoy the most.

We will look at why drinking tea regularly can have tangible benefits to your health, exploring how tea can help the body. counter the adverse effects of anxiety and stress.

We will finish with a gentle guided visualisation so you are guaranteed to leave feeling calmer, lighter and more centred.

Available via ZOOM for groups of 3 or more.

To find out more or book in contact Anne on 07966 799659 or

To be eligible for this free online workshop, your group must be 3 or more and you all need to have purchased the Chinese Tea Tasting Kit




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