An Eastern approach

What we eat and drink during our working day has a massive effect on our productivity, sociability and our overall feeling of wellbeing. Employers are becoming increasingly aware of this fact and are looking for ways to support, engage with their staff and improve performance.

One massive aspect of this is what we choose to drink during the day. Traditionally it has been copious amounts of coffee or tea-bagged teaThe idea, seeded from glossy images of high powered Americans 'grabbing a coffee' on the way to the office, cooly getting a lot of stuff done!

But what is really happening is a short fuelled burst of activity followed by a slump and a disjointed mind flow. You would be much better off simply drinking water.

Or even better still, drinking Chinese tea. The high levels of nutrients, vitamins and minerals along with the unique balance of amino acids, antioxidants and low levels of caffeine, mean that you feel nicely alert, balanced and productive all day long.

We offer a workshop during which the participants have the opportunity to try the different teas, find out about how different teas can suit different personality types and learn some other simple steps they can take to improve how they feel and perform.

We also offer the opportunity to buy the teas to drink at the desk along with our fantastic tea makers which make it all so easy and fun it's hard to believe!

If you manage a workplace environment and would like to know more about what we offer please feel free to contact us today and we promise to get back to you asap.