As an alternative health practitioner we know that we share many of the same values and interests. We have used a lot of alternative principles in developing our business, from applied kinesiology to plant spirit channeling. 

We'd love to reach more people who are similarly inclined and it is for that reason that we have started introducing Ambassadors. Giving you the opportunity to sell ATTIC Teas to your customers, generating loyalty, uniqueness and extra revenue for your business. Whether you choose to offer cups of tea to your clients or sell the packets for customers to enjoy at home is up to you. But we find the process of offering clients a lovingly prepared really healthy tea while they wait really helps to strengthen their emotional bond with your practice as well as making it more likely that they will buy a pack from you to take home, and hopefully continue to buy from you after each visit.

The pricing structure is fairly straight forward. The Herbal teas and tea makers are available to you at 70% of RRP, and the Chinese teas are 80% of RRP, all in boxes of 5.

We're on hand to help you out as much as possible and are always open to discussing your unique needs as a practice. We're working on some nice display ideas and signage but if there is anything you need let us know and we'll do our best to put it together for you. Depending where you are in the country we could even arrange a day when we come in and offer a tea clinic, which is a great way to get you familiar with the products and get you started.

Any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Look forward to sharing All The Tea in China with you! 

Ric and Anne :) 

ps. click the big blue hand to buy, we suggest bookmarking that page to make it easy to find again. Any problems let us know.