Tea Spirit

At the beginning of the ATTIC Teas' journey, we were interested in a piece of research by a gentleman called Dr David Hawkins called Power vs force. Based on the underlying idea that everything is a vibrating energy system and the higher the frequency being expressed, the more healthful and positive the emotion felt, it seemed logical for us to ‘energy test’ the five Chinese teas we were working with, as we interact so directly with them through consumption..

A healer and friend who was already incorporating this energy work, told us that these particular five teas had powerfully high vibrational energy, which with hindsight is no surprise as the Chinese have always drunk tea to cultivate their life force energy or Chi.

At the time, this offered an interesting new aspect to our work, one that we couldn’t name or explain until we met Jane Alexander during a wellbeing event we were both exhibiting at. (www.janealexanderembodysoul.com)

When we met Jane, she and her colleague Sarah were creating tinctured plant essences called ‘Meldings’. These were a combining of herbal tinctures prepared by Sarah, a herbalist, from plants grown in her Cumbrian garden and the unique vibrational energy amplified through Jane’s connection with the plant at a much deeper soul level.

Jane was so taken by the teas, she offered to create a melding for each tea for us. Having a brain she describes as non neuro-typical has allowed her to cultivate a unique way to witness the world around her, a different perceptiveness that allows her, in this particular case, to engage more fully with the sentience of plants. Bearing witness to the tea plant, she connected to it as a sacred plant teacher that is really powerful in returning us to our innate sense of wholeness.

The teas each act as keys, having their own unique spirit, unlocking different parts of ourselves and “reconnecting to that which is truly awake within us”, closing our separation loop and reminding us of our unity to the all.

Giving each tea a voice, these magical Tea’chings are available to listen to through ‘song’, meditation journey and from the teas directly and their wisdom has become our Tea Spirit Cards (similar to Oracle cards). Thanks to Jane’s generosity and beautiful way of experiencing the world, she has invoked the perfect guide and healer for our times.











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