About Hydration

At ATTIC, our teas and the way we suggest they are drunk, can offer a very simple way to hydrate healthily throughout your day. By healthy hydration, we mean consuming the types of fluids that provide water and essential nutrients in a way that helps our body to thrive, rather than those that might contain chemicals, sugars and high caffeine levels that may end up having a detrimental effect on our health, especially over time.

If you are interested in finding out more about what we mean by ‘healthy’ hydration, click here for our blog post.

For most of us, our every day cuppas are a lovely builder’s brew with milk, a few mugs a day. The high caffeine content of teabags stops us from using the fluids for hydration and the super quick time we brew the bag for, stops us from getting any of the great nutrients from the tea leaves. On top of that, adding the milk is thought to hinder some nutrient absorption anyway.

Good quality tea (especially when still in its whole-leaf form) contain a host of beneficial vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well as a totally unique amino acid, l-theanine, that helps raise the serotonin and dopamine levels in the body, influencing our mood and concentration. Herbal teas also provide their own therapeutic influences on the body, so can be great tools to heal and rebalance you emotionally and physically, as well as providing much needed hydration.

The whole leaf tea secret is ...instead of the chopped up and crushed tea leaves that you would find if you split open a teabag, when you use the much higher quality whole* tea leaves we offer, they offer much higher levels of positive nutrients and you use much less tea, so the caffeine content is very low.

They also brew much more slowly than a tea bag, usually taking around 3 minutes, allowing much more of the goodness to pass into the cup. The tea leaves hold their flavour so are perfect to be reused throughout the day which reduces your caffeine intake, so the tea will naturally hydrate you.

When finding the perfect teas for yourself, we recommend picking the one you like the taste of most, as we believe your palate provides the perfect voice for your body to let you know what it needs :)


* Whole leaf tea is different to loose-leaf tea in that it has to be handcrafted to keep the leaf whole. Machine harvested loose tea will still be chopped up and thus you will still use more tea and receive higher caffeine levels